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At Eagle Concrete Services we take pride in our Concrete Sidewalks and Patios!  We understand sidewalks are where people enter and exit your home and that patios are where you entertain guest and family or just relax in your free time.

When Eagle Concrete Services pours a sidewalk  we always shoot all grades with a calibrated laser level  to make sure it is precise in elevation and pitch. Although this can not be noticed with the naked eye it will ensure all water and rain flows in the correct direction  and is never running toward your home or creating a puddle.

Although sidewalks and patios are generally smaller than most other slabs, at Eagle Concrete Services we work just as hard to make sure they are done with the same hard work and professionalism as if it where a large slab!

At Eagle Concrete Services we never use hot mud for your sidewalk or patio, nor will we ever over saturate your concrete with water!

We at Eagle Concrete Services "Soar above the rest" so that you can rest assured your side walk and patio will stay beautiful and last for generations to come.

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